my first official diary entry here! yaaaaaayyyy!!! i'm going to try and make it a habit to write here at least every few days, even if i've got nothing to write about!

since it's my first entry, i guess i'll talk a bit about me...i live in a cold place with my best friend and my three adoptive siblings!!! (i'm the adopted one not them) i'm the oldest one of the family too! i have a super cute room as well! here are some of my plushies!

i really like to play video games! a few of my favourites are pokemon, animal crossing, splatoon, stardew valley, ace attorney, skyrim, ghost trick, trauma center and corpse party! i love video games on the DS the most - i think that's really where games peaked!

my favourite singer is kradness! i think he's really underrated and lots more people should listen to him! here's one of my favourites songs he's sung!
he means everything to me!!!
hmmmm...i think that's all i have to say for now!!! so here are some pictures of some of my pokemon!!!