today i had a visit with my dad!!! it was fun and we got burgers i didn't dress up like i normally do but i did wear one of the new shirts i got for christmas!!! here's a picture of it! it goes awesome with this scarf and these pants :D i can't wait to wear it with accessories and stuff! my mom also bought me a new miku poster today!!! i'll take a picture of it once i have it up in my room

it seems like the lockdown is going to be lifted in my region soon...i miss seeing my friends ;___; i'll be happy once we can gather in small groups again and play video games...we always play mario kart wii which is my favourite mario kart!!! i've been practicing my skills with mario kart 8 online >:D

i've been recovering from an arm injury for a couple months now and i love drawing so i've been slowly easing back into it!!! here's some stuff from my sketchbook recently :D i also draw digitally but it's a lot more strain on my arm so i don't do it as often anymore!!! this is some of my digital art too!!! i did some of these a few months ago but a couple of them are recent too! :D
it's nice to be able to draw again... i wonder what i should draw next...