today was valentine's day!!! i spent my day at my mom's with my saiki plush playing video games and eating chocolate i also played some animal crossing new horizons today!!! i got such a cute letter from marshal!!!

he's SO cute and good to me he sent me a bunch of heart shaped roses in the letter!!! i put them next to my picture of him

this is off topic but since this is my journal i'm going to include it...2 months ago my childhood house was repossessed by the bank, and this week it's getting sold ... i'm really upset about it so i think i'm going to break into it one last time before it's someone else's ... i know whoever gets it next will have to tear it down because a lot of our roof caved in but i want to see it again before it goes... i won't do anything bad! i just want to see it

but i don't like to write about sad things! so i've decided i'm going to start including a song i'm listening to in these journals!! i have headphones on almost all the time because outside noises really really bug me so this is a song i've been listening to a bunch when i play video games!