hi again! i'm so glad you made it!
like i said before, my name is lyra and i'm your boy-girlfriend! i'm an autistic web-angel living with schizophrenia. i like to draw, take pictures, play video games, collect stuff, and dress up! my favourite colour is pink, and my favourite food is strawberries! i love tea and drink all kinds of it! my birthday is february 20th, which makes me a pisces!

i created this website as a diary because i lose my memories a lot, so this helps me keep track of things i've done! but you're allowed to look through it too! i like to share stuff with people, and i'm so happy you want to check out my website!
i'm really bad at wording stuff and talking about myself, but i think you can tell a lot about someone from their favourite pokemon! i love so many that i can't pick just one, so here are a few of mine!